Learning To Fly

With the Aid of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

Page 1 - Introduction

I'm fascinated by transport, and in particular aeroplanes.

Despite a considerable fear of flying - especially take-off and landing, I decided to enrol as a student  Pilot with Blackbushe Aviation at the end of 2002. I've initially decided to go for the UK National Private Pilots License (see www.nppl.uk.com ) as this has a different medical certification scheme that is less costly than the normal PPL system.

Trying to co-ordinate everything so that Work, Personal Life, Weather, Instructor and Aircraft are all in order for a particular date and time has been a major challenge and by the end of 2003 I had only managed to accumulate 8.9hrs of flying, despite having booked over 50hrs or more tuition.

These are the planes I fly when I'm in the real world:


Cessna 152 G-BNRK at Blackbushe in Summer 2003

PA38 Tomahawk G-BPHI

Piper PA38 Tomahawk G-BPHI at Blackbushe

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